Salt Mine, Khewra is located in _________ district.


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Q. Salt Mine, Khewra is positioned in _________ district.
(A) Jhelum
(B) DG Khan
(C) DI Khan
(D) Gujrat

The reply is: (A) Jhelum

Pakistan Affairs MCQs

  • Salt Mine, Khewra is positioned in _________ district.
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  • Nationwide Highways Authority (NHA) community includes of ________ highways and motorways.
  • The full size of Nationwide Highways Authority (NHA) community is _________ km.
  • In accordance with the 18th modification, well being providers are beneath the
  • After 19 years, nationwide inhabitants and housing census was held in 2017. It was the ________ census.
  • In accordance with the census 2017, the full inhabitants of Pakistan is
  • What number of constitutions have been promulgated in Pakistan?
  • India has constructed Uri Dam within the Baramula district district of Indian occupied Kashmir on the
  • Worldwide Court docket of Arbitration has set minimal move of __________ m3/sec into the Neelum River.
  • The Diamer-Bhasha Dam is being constructed on the
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  • India has constructed Baglihar Dam within the Doda district of Indian occupied Kashmir on the
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  • Dr Abdus Salam gained Nobel Prize for the 12 months 1979 within the area of
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  • The longest Railway Tunnel in Pakistan is
  • The longest Railway Tunnel in Pakistan is Khojak Tunnel. It’s positioned in
  • Presently, Pakistan is ICC (Cricket) champion by beating India in
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  • FATF is an abbreviation of
  • Common elections 2018 had been held in Pakistan on
  • The twenty sixth modification to the structure of Pakistan was handed by nationwide meeting of Pakistan on 13 Might
  • By which constitutional modification, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) had been merged with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?
  • The twenty fifth modification to the Structure was enacted into legislation on 31 Might
  • The present chairman of PEMRA is
  • “PEMRA” stands for
  • Lately, common elections in Azad Kashmir had been held on
  • The Financial system of Pakistan witnessed a _____ restoration within the 12 months of 2021 after Coronavirus shock?

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