How is terrorism and its perception shaped by mass media?


My Define
How is terrorism and its notion formed by mass media?
1. Introduction
(Historic and context and the way modern-day conflicts are formed by mass media)
2. How is terrorism and its notion formed by mass media?
a. Influencing the Public Opinion
b. Social Engineering
c. Extremist tendencies
d. Violence Propagation
e. Hybrid warfare
f. Portrayal of terrorist teams as heroes or villains
g. Psychological damaging
h. Terrorist Agendas
3. Penalties of the notion created by mass media?
a. Rise in terrorist teams
b. Rising violence
c. Growing extremist tendencies
d. Financial Penalties
4. Remedial measures to counter the notion created by mass media
a. Coaching of regulation and enforcement company officers in direction of media
b. Capability constructing of businesses
c. Public Consciousness
d. Utilizing AI to take away violent content material from social media
5. How media creates an angelic notion of terrorism?
(Israel depicted as a hero within the west and a villain within the Muslim World whereas the opposite case for Palestine)
6. Conclusion

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