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"Common Human Equality is Utopic"

Thesis Assertion: On Dec 10, 1948, the Common Declaration of Human Rights was unanimously adopted. A century later, human equality nonetheless stays a fictional actuality.

1. Introduction

2. The origin & assimilation of Human Equality
2.1. John Locke & Human Equality (French Republic/American Declaration of Independence)
2.2. UDHR- translated in additional than 500 languages.

2.2.1. Blueprint for greater than 70+ human rights treaties.

2.3. Human Equality & Islam
2.3.1. The Final Sermon of H.P
2.3.2. Girls’s Rights & the Safety of minorities

3. What constitutes Equality- the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.
3.1 Freedom of Press
3.2 Safety of minorities (the conflict of nationalism)
3.3 Equality amongst all nations

4. The Present State of Human Equality
4.1 Imperialism & Colonization of the Western World
4.2. Extrajudicial killings and ethnic cleaning (the case of Rwanda, Bosnia, Nazi Germany)
4.3. The plight of Muslims and the conflict of civilization

5. Safety of Human Equality
5.1. United Nations and its organs
5.2. Amnesty Worldwide
5.3. Human Rights Watch
5.4 The Function of Social Media & Different media shops

6. Conclusion

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