2022-‘Westworld’ Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: ‘Fidelity’


The sixth episode of Westworld season 4, launched on Sunday, follows Caleb and the good, distrustful and foul-mouthed insurgent often known as “C.” 

We final noticed these characters in episode 4, the head-spinning installment that caught Maeve and Caleb (now a number) as much as the timeline Bernard and Stubbs have been touring on this season. We additionally discovered C is the grownup model of Caleb’s beloved daughter, Frankie. 

Within the newest episode, C efficiently weeds out an imposter planted by Chalores, and a number model of Caleb factors some razor-sharp phrases at her. Nonetheless, it looks as if the nice guys have cleared little or no floor in toppling Chalores’ evil empire. (She nonetheless instructions a whole metropolis’s price of people, and holds sway over hosts like William). On condition that Caleb remains to be locked in a waking nightmare — courtesy of Chalores — it appears it is going to be as much as C, Maeve, Bernard (and perhaps Christina?) to do one thing about it. 

This is what else that you must find out about episode 6. Solely two episodes are left within the season… I am nervously eyeing the hourglass.

J’s backstory

Given all of the timeline-switching, it took my mind a minute to regulate to this week’s opening scene. Ah, that is the actual child Frankie — not the faux one. It is a flashback, OK. 

The present opens with a youngster sitting close to a playground on a bench. Younger Frankie walks up and leads him to Uwade, Caleb’s spouse. It is revealed that the teenager is the younger model of J, and he is an outlier — a human spared from Chalores’ management. (Final week, Chalores confirmed her sound manipulation does not work on some people. She’s unsure why, however she’s not blissful about it.) Uwade tells teenage J that his brother — an outlier taken by Chalores’ crew — is unreachable now. She and Frankie wish to rescue J earlier than he meets the identical destiny. Some drone hosts present up and the group narrowly escapes. (Minus certainly one of Uwade’s allies, who will get caught). 

Daniel Wu.

Final week, Stubbs, Odina and J (who’s on the best) snuck into town to rescue an outlier. 

 John Johnson/HBO

Chalores is in search of solutions

Chalores remains to be struggling together with her host/outlier downside — almost 40 hosts have killed themselves after interacting with outliers — and he or she believes Caleb is aware of one thing about it. (Chalores is a nickname for Charlotte Hale. Previously, Dolores made copies of herself — the “self” that exists in her pearl — and put one into a number model of Hale). 

Chalores asks Caleb (a number model of him) how outliers are making hosts take their very own lives. She brings up a scene in episode 4, when human Caleb fights off her parasite, telling her he “had one thing” that she did not have. Chalores needs to know what enabled him to withstand her, and Caleb will not give it up. 

A annoyed Chalores leaves, however not earlier than telling Caleb that Frankie is alive. She additionally tells him he is in a “short-term” host physique that will not final for much longer.

Rebooting Maeve

Once we final noticed Bernard and C/Frankie, they’d simply pulled a dilapidated-looking Maeve out of the desert. In episode 6, Bernard and C pay a go to to the ’20s theme park to revive her. (It is deserted, removed from the energetic place Maeve and Caleb occupied 20 years in the past.) Bernard begins to poke across the park for “provides” to get Maeve up and operating once more, and C, who hasn’t but caught on to his identification as a number, turns into suspicious. 

Jeffrey Wright.

Bernard stays a person of thriller.

John Johnson/HBO

Bernard says Maeve’s time within the floor corrupted her management unit. He pries one other one out of a random host’s head. Bernard reveals to C that Chalores wanted to know human minds, so she collected information from individuals who visited the park. However as a substitute of using cowboy hats like Delos did, she used… scanners hidden behind mirrors? That is what it seems to be wish to me, not less than. Bernard says mirrors labored as a result of they performed off of essentially the most base human impulse, vainness.

Bernard opens up a mirror and tells C to have a look, and a machine scans her. He takes one thing that appears like a chip from the machine and sticks it in a tool he is holding. C asks what he is as much as, and he says what he grabbed will assist pace up Maeve’s information switch. (Hm, appears somewhat suspicious). For the precise switch, a twine connects Maeve’s management unit and the random host’s management unit. Anticipating the return of C’s pals, Bernard hides Maeve’s management unit inside a piano.

An imposter in “the trigger”

Earlier, throughout Chalores’ tense discuss with Caleb, she tells him that she despatched a “customer” Frankie’s method. My thoughts instantly went to the 2 goons Bernard took out on the diner a number of episodes again. However because the episode continues, it turns into clear she has one thing else within the works. 

When C’s allies return, they inform C that they think a spy is amongst them. With out warning, C all of the sudden shoots Bernard, figuring out him because the “mole.” She says “the park was designed to gather information from friends,” and Bernard is making an attempt to repeat all of them. Stubbs is perplexed. The one factor Bernard says in his protection is “it is difficult.” What might he have up his sleeve?

A short while later, a restrained Bernard tells C that certainly one of her pals is not who they declare to be. “Your crew went into the guts of Hale’s metropolis, however certainly one of them did not come again,” he says. Bernard’s prophetic talents aren’t capable of reveal who the imposter is. 

C locks her girlfriend, Odina, in a room, unable to inform if she is the hidden host. Nevertheless it seems to be J. C realizes the reality when “J” tells her that she’s like a sister to him. Initially of episode 6, when C/Frankie seems as a baby, she makes an attempt to contact Caleb by way of radio. J’s within the room too, and hears Frankie inform her dad she at all times needed a brother. Teen J, clearly nonetheless damage by the information about his personal brother, rejects the time period.

C shoots the host model of J, nevertheless it’s not sufficient to take him down. Host J presses her to inform him the place Maeve’s management unit is. She tells him she stashed it… behind him. He turns round, and we see Maeve — reanimated — stab him within the head. 

Morningstar Angeline.

C has to find out is her girlfriend, Odina, is a number or human. 

John Johnson/HBO

Westworld cranks up the horror 

Whereas Bernard and C are busy bringing Maeve again/recognizing camouflaged enemies within the desert, Caleb is starring in a horror film. When Chalores leaves Caleb in his cell, issues get darkish. We see extra host variations of Caleb are locked within the cells round him. One Caleb has horrific marks on his face, which look like the results of staying in a decaying host physique for too lengthy. 

Caleb seems to be inside an hourglass in his cell, and finds a tiny metallic object. He presses down on it, and it exposes a needle, which pricks him. Issues begin to get blurry. The subsequent factor Caleb is aware of, a drone host has determined to torch the room with him nonetheless inside. Caleb yanks a vent on the bottom till it opens. (A small arrow etched into it instructs him which approach to pull it). He lands in a pit of ash… which he appears to register as being from the our bodies of different Caleb’s.

From there, the nightmare continues. Caleb faces off with a drone host, ultimately stabbing him fairly nastily within the head. Following a path of bloody handprints — presumably left by different host Calebs who braved an escape, he crawls right into a ceiling vent. Then issues get actually grotesque. Caleb reaches the tip of the vent maze and finds that there is a brutal drop to the ground beneath. Two Calebs lay lifeless on the bottom beneath him. (Sheesh, Westworld, that is some fairly sick stuff). There is a Caleb nonetheless within the vent with him, clinging to life, and he tells the primary host Caleb to make use of his physique to cushion the autumn. Caleb does this, and survives the leap. He then stumbles out onto a rooftop.

Violent ends

Utilizing some tech on the roof, Caleb leaves a message for Frankie. He tells her that “it must be her” (looks as if some critical foreshadowing to me). We see that C/Frankie heard a little bit of the message, and is aware of that her dad is alive (nicely, not less than in some capability). Chalores seems and tells Caleb she crafted his current harrowing expertise, planting the needle so he’d have a “little hope,” and presumably present his playing cards. However she did not collect a lot from Caleb’s message to Frankie. 

Caleb fires some verbal arrows at Chalores, telling her with struggling breaths that her hosts would moderately die than stay in her world. “They don’t seem to be contaminated,” he says. “They’re simply making an attempt to get away from you.” It hits a nerve with Chalores, who angrily snaps his neck. 

C is for Cookie… 

When Caleb leaves his message for Frankie, he begins off together with her nickname, Cookie. May this be why the insurgent goes by C?

Stray ideas

  • After seeing Uwade as a insurgent throughout a flashback, we be taught from C/Frankie that she received very sick. That, coupled together with her absence in grownup Frankie’s timeline, appears to counsel she handed away. 
  • The well-known Westworld “pearl” is inside these lightbulb-shaped objects in the episode.
  • I am unsure if the “outliers” this season are supposed to be the identical folks known as “outliers” final season by Engerraund Serac/Rehoboam. (In season 3, Serac sees unpredictable people as “outliers,” a risk that have to be handled). It appears to me just like the phrase is being reused now to explain a special set of individuals. However that is Westworld… Are there ever these sorts of coincidences?
  • Possibly it is too simple of a guess, however I have been assuming love for his daughter is what allowed Caleb to defy Chalores. Earlier in episode 4, as a part of her clarification for why she as soon as slipped out of Caleb’s life, Maeve tells him that she “needed him to have one thing to battle for,” clearly speaking about Frankie. Appeared like an essential nugget to me. 


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